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Original Pre-1881 British 24th of Foot Regimental Glengarry Cap with Badge

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Original Item: Only One Available. Is this the real thing? We don’t know for sure but it is clearly a very old glengarry cap with red pom-pom remaining, almost drenched in history and quite filthy.

It bears the correct Victorian glengarry cap badge for the 2nd Battalion of the Warwickshire Regiment, the 24th Regiment of Foot!

Complete with black tail ribbon, the reverse of the cap badge and the securing pin are covered in verdigris, and also on the interior lining of the cap where the badge pin comes into contact with it.

This is the cap worn by some soldiers of the 24th Foot while fighting in Zululand in 1879. Upon close examination is appears the cap, at one time, also has cap badge holes for a badge with mounting pins at East and West whereas this badge mounts North and South. In 1881 with

the British Childer's Reforms this Regiment was retitled "THE SOUTH WALES BORDERERS" and subsequent cap badge was mounted East to West which would explain the additional holes. In any event, this Cap presents extremely well and both cap and cap badge show the appropriate age to have been used during the period.

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