Original Polish WWII Offensive Hand Grenade wz. 24 - Inert

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is an exceptionally rare BATF approved inert Polish WWII Defensive Grenade wz. 24. This example is complete with an original wz.Gr.31 percussion fuse, and still has some of the original paint on the body, though it is flaking off due to corrosion in places. The body of the grenade also has rusted through in places, and is in somewhat delicate condition, though it still looks great.

The Granat zaczepny wz.24 (Polish for Offensive grenade, Mark 1924) was a concussion grenade used by the Polish Army before and during World War II. The oval egg-shaped shell casing was made of thin sheet metal filled with picric acid or TNT. Initially used with a variety of fuses, since early 1930s the grenade was used with the standard Zapalnik wz. Gr. 31 time fuse designed for the Defensive grenade wz.33. The grenade armed with the wz. Gr. 31 fuse is sometimes referred to as wz. 24/31 to distinguish it from the original wz.24 grenade armed with different fuses.

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