Original Persian Model 1909 Sabers (Imperial Russian Model 1881 Dragoon Saber Clone) - Set of 3

Item Description

Original Items: Only Ones Available.Lot of Three Original Model 1909 Persian Sabers which were based off the Russian Model 1881 Saber. It is uncertain whether or not if these were made under contract by the Russians for the Persians, or they were endogenously manufactured. They are, however, nice specimens, and are in good order considering their age. Each has small nuances from one to another, with small details and markings.

This sword is nearly identical to the Imperial Russian Model 1881 Dragoon Troopers Saber except for the markings, which are Arabic/Persian. Another difference is the all iron scabbard, The Russian version being brass mounted leather. This version is sometimes referred to as the Persian Model 1909. They are great to serve as a “space filler” for a collection to fill the gap for a Model 1881 Russian Dragoon, but the Iranian/Persian history is also interesting.

In the 19th century Britain and Russia competed with each other in what was called “The Great Game” – political control of Central Asia. Eventually the Russians would train several units of Persian cavalry, led by Russian officers, but officially “in service” to the Persian throne. These cavalry formations became the most formidable units in the country, and would become known as the “Persian Cossack Brigade” although they were not ethnically Cossacks. After the Russian 1917 Revolution, command of the brigade went to Persian General Reza Khan, who would eventually use them to stage a coup and start a dynasty that ended when his son, Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, was toppled by the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979.

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