Original Pair of Scottish Pole Arms Circa 1690 from Leith Hall - One of Scotland's Most Haunted Castles

Item Description

Original Items: Two of a Kind. These came from the George Strakaty Collection and were acquired in the 1960s from the English Dealer Herbert Sutcliffe, who handled all the weapons and family paperwork removed from Leith Hall upon the death of the the last Lady Leith. The Strakaty Collection was purchased by IMA in the mid 1980s.

Interesting hooked bill shaped heads with vicious spikes protruding to the rear in two places, another spike above the "bill" and a fourth at the bottom of the bill's blade pointing forward. Mounted on their original wood halts these are 86" in overall length. The heads measure 33" with integral 10" long supporting straps intended to frustrate a horseman from severing the bill head. The Metalwork has old pitting all over, showing much wear and much age. Each Bill retains it's Original Leith Hall Inventory Brass Tag numbered 116 and 117.

The hafts bear stamped/carved or branded: LEITH HALL about half way down each shaft. There is joint in each of the hafts where they were cut into two sections in order to shorten each pole arm to allow for two piece shipping. Very probably this was done in the late 1960's. The joints are well executed but can be separated without difficulty if needed. This does not detract from the quality of these display items. It is just possible that the very corroded Bill Heads are from a much earlier age than the 1690/1700 hafts, possibly even Medieval.

Built in 1650 Leith Hall was the hiding place of the Scottish Rebel Sir Andrew Hay after the Battle of Culloden in 1746. He stood over 6' 5" and was not pardoned for his part in the insurrection for almost 40 years after the Battle. The Leith family remained in residence until the middle of the last Century and upon Lady Leith's demise the estate was left to the Scottish National Trust.

The weapons and family documents were first removed and placed in the keeping of the family Solicitors who sold them off in the mid 1960s to Herbert Sutcliffe, a prominant English Antique weapons dealer of the period who, in turn sold the entire Leith Hall Collection to George Strakaty. of Vienna. Internet Research tells us that LEITH HALL is said to be one of the most haunted old Castles in all of Scotland.

Both "Bills" which may have seen service supporting the Old Pretender in 1715 and the Young Pretender, also known as "Bonnie Prince Charlie" in 1745 and possibly have been at the Battle of Culloden in 1746.

Additionally we include ONE original LEITH FAMILY Document from the same source as further provenance to the LEITH family History.

All Ready to display in your Castle or similar.
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