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Original P-1864 Snider Rifle Short Socket Bayonet

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Original Item: Not available on the open market for years! These are Nepalese made P-1864 bayonets approximately 14-17" overall length with 10"-14" blade. Each bayonet was originally fitted and issued with a specific gun so, while these bayonets certainly fit most P1864's, some additional fitting or alterations might be required. These bayonets were originally longer, and possibly issued for the P-1853 Enfield, but they were shortened, which is why we call them "Short Socket Bayonets." They are otherwise identical to the P-1853 bayonets from Nepal.

We do not clean these bayonets; they come just as found in Nepal where they laid undisturbed for over 130 years. Each will be dirty, greasy, may show rust, dings and might even be slightly bent, but all are 100% original nearly 150 years old!

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