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Original P-1853 Enfield and Snider Rifle type Lock with Side Screws- Grade 1B

Item Description

Original Item: The P-1853 .577 cal Percussion Rifle was also known as the legendary "Three Band Enfield". This extremely popular and rare model was the first rifle to become standard issue in the British Army. The P-1853 changed military tactics with its capabilities; imported extensively for use in the U.S. Civil War. A very rare opportunity to own a significant piece of military history that greatly affected wars on three continents.

These P1853 locks come complete with integral parts and side screws. Integral lock parts include: Lock plate, Hammer, Hammer Screw, Tumbler, Sear, Sear Spring, Bridle, Link, and Mainspring. They have been inspected to make sure all integral parts are present but the function is unknown due to rust and storage seizure. Each lock is handmade, it will require fitting into any stock or barrel configuration. While we do supply the original side screws, the screws could be stripped, detached, slightly bent, or if connected, will most certainly be stuck in place after over 150 years in storage. The brass escutcheons may or may not be present. We refer to these as grade 1B because they are quite dirty/rusty, but solid, and should be able to be restored with some work and oil.

These are original 150-year-old locks and even if just cleaned and displayed on their own, outside a gun, they will be an impressive part of any antique gun collection.

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