Original Ottoman Empire 1815 Pair of Flintlock Ball Butted Pistols

Item Description

Original Items: One-of-a-kind set. These are not "tourist trash". These are genuine early 19th century Ball Butted Flintlock Pistols originating from the Balkans, the Ottoman Empire or even Southern Russia.

The wood stocks are completely inlaid with silver wire with each having over 50 almond shaped pink sea corral inlays, all of which are present. The heavily etched locks and barrels have displays of arms and armor and could easily be of French manufacture and show the influence of Napoleonic splendor.

The Ball Butts and lack of trigger guards, which were never there, are the result of the influence of the 16th Century German Puffers ball butted Wheel lock pistols.

These are truly magnificent and should not be discarded as just another pair of Middle Eastern Flintlock pistols, these were really there and belonged to someone of considerable authority. Measuring 18" overall with 12" barrels the only repair we can see is to one barrel tang and possible one trigger. STUNNING, if only they could talk!

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