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Original Ottoman 17th Century Walrus Tusk Hilt Jambiya Dagger with Damascus Blade in Silver Scabbard

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Original Item: Only One Available. Janbiya, also spelled janbia, jambiya, and jambia (Arabic: جنبية‎ janbīyah), is the Arabic term for dagger, but it is generally used to describe a specific type of dagger with a short curved blade. The term janbiya is used in various Arab countries and India, it is closely associated with the people of Yemen and is prevalent among Muslim men in the Horn of Africa (primarily the Afars of Djibouti).

This is particular dagger is quite old, probably dating from the Siege of Vienna in 1685. This is from the Ottoman Empire, based in present day Turkey. In those days it engulfed most of the Middle East, before declining in the 19th century and dissolving in 1918 at the end of WWI.

It has a Jambiya style "White Wootz," Damascus, crucible made, curved double edged blade. The hilt is made from Walrus Tusk ivory that the Ottomans traded with their Northern Russian neighbors for. Hilt shows a couple of age cracks and a sliver missing at the rear lower edge of the blade rear. It is exceedingly old, very possibly 350 years old. The scabbard is entirely clad in decorated and embossed silver sheet over a wooden interior. Silver, again about 350 years old shows some ware but is overall excellent.

Extremely rare a ancient Ottoman rare and very displayable

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