Original Norwegian WWII 1941 Cross with Swords “Brave and Faithful” Order Quisling Cross Award

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Original Item: Only One Available. The Quisling regime or Quisling government are common names used to refer to the fascist collaborationist government led by Vidkun Quisling in German-occupied Norway during the Second World War. The official name of the regime from 1 February 1942 until its dissolution in May 1945 was Nasjonale regjering (English: National Government). Actual executive power was retained by the Reichskommissariat Norwegen, headed by Josef Terboven.

Before the invasion, Vidkun Quisling had been Fører (Leader) of the Nasjonal Samling party, a Norwegian Far-right party, which was sympathetic to the NSDAP cause. Once Norway was invaded, Quisling attempted a coup, which ultimately failed after 6 days. However, with the German invasion supporting it, the party was able to take control of the government, promptly banning all other parties, a hallmark of Fascist takeovers. Eager to develop the same type of cult following as the NSDAP, the Quisling Government made war merit and bravery orders for Norwegian volunteers and Hird servicemen who fought in the Eastern Front.

This award was supposed to be roughly equivalent to the German "Iron Cross" award.
Shortly afterwards, however, Josef Terboven, German Reichskommissar of Norway, dictated that only German awards were to be worn by Norwegian collaborationist forces. Terboven and Quisling had a long history of rivalry and disagreement, with Terboven doing his utmost to minimize the influence of Quisling, despite the orders of Adolf AH to help build the Nasjonal Samling. The Order was thus awarded for only a very brief period. Not much is known about the awards except that they were produced by the firm "Corneliusen & Olsen" in Oslo.

In 1944, a very few examples had the ‘Sun Eagle’ symbol affixed to the face, covering the date ‘1941’ in ‘Nordic’ script and were awarded to members of the Nasjonal Samling, such awards being referred to as ‘politisk utgave’ (political awards). After Allied victory in May 1945, recipients of the award naturally did everything possible to conceal the fact. As a consequence, it is extremely rare.

This example is one of those originally issued in 1942-43, and was never re-issued as a political award, so the 1941 on the front is still visible. The reverse is marked with the inscription TAPPER OG TRO (Brave and Loyal). The brass of the award has a lovely patina, with no signs of polishing.

A very interesting and rare award from WWII!

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