Original Norwegian Military Model 1831/45 Percussion Cavalry Pistol - Accepts Shoulder Stock

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Norwegian Military model 1831/45 percussion horseman size pistol cut to accept a detachable shoulder stock. Pistol is .69 caliber with rifled bore and a 9 ¾" barrel. Measures 17" overall.

This is a fine example featuring a beechwood stock, all brass mounts, low 205 serial number that appears at least four times on barrel, lock, side plate, and nose cap. A nearly identical pistol is pictured in Antique Arms by Wilkensen on page 78.

The percussion hammer fitted with a safety "Dog" to secure the hammer in position so it is held just above the percussion cap but not stressing the main spring by being fully on half or full cock once the pistol was loaded.

The upper part of the wood grip inlaid, from barrel tang to brass butt cap with steel plate designed to lock a detachable wood shoulder stock into place.

Completely cleaned and polished just like the day it was issued, showing what we believe to be a unit marking carved into the wood stock directly in front of the trigger guard of 2 over 57, perhaps indicating 2nd Company, 57th man. Norwegian weapons are always hard to find and this one is exceptional and mechanically sound.

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