Original North West African Fulani Sword of the Slave Trade Era

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. The old tales of white sailors raiding African villages hundreds of years ago to fill ships with slaves happened but no as frequently as is commonly believed. The reality is that the Muslim Arabs of the Middle East and North Africa migrated west and south and perpetrated this terrible injustice on the indigenous native people of West Africa.

All along the West African coastline the muslim arabs together with their local allies took innocent tribes and forced them into slavery. Marched them, sometimes hundreds of miles, to the coast and traded them into eternal bondage with European slave taders who shipped the poor souls to the Americas for profit.

It was a very successful business venture and therefore became omnipresent by the 18th century. Colonialism by the European nations snuffed out this heinous trade by the mid 1800s, but much of North West Africa, what is now the nation of GUINEA, was controlled by the Muslim FULANIS who exploited this business to the fullest. until the French took control and colonized the area in 1892 as FRENCH GUINEA.

This is a classic muslim Fulani sword of traditional design having a long thin curved blade with leather covered grip and no cross guard housed in the correct tooled leather covered scabbard with a large bulb near the point. Very reminiscent of the Muslim Kaskara broad swords used by the Mardi warriors against the British at Khartoum in the late 1800s.

Offered in well preserved condition these are rarely seen and represent a terrible era of world history.

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