Original North African Mardi Era Hide Shield with Scabbard- Circa 1880

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Item Available. This, clearly a British Soldier bring back, is a Rhinoceros Shield measuring 22-inches in diameter. The hide is very thick and molded so that the center protrudes giving ample room to the rear for the substantial grip mount. The front surface is decorated with a geometrical carving.

These shields were commonly used with the massive Crusader style "Kaskara" broad swords by the Mardi's native followers known to the British as "Fuzzy-Wuzzies".

The Battle of OMDURMANN in 1898 saw the final and total defeat of the Mardi's forces where these shields and swords were pitted against Gatling Guns, Maxim Machineguns and Enfield bolt-action rifles, ending in a total rout and another great British victory. Totally authentic, hard to find and ready to display.

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