Original & New Made Vietnam War Era US Army Special Forces Patch Lot - 18 Items

Item Description

Original and New Items: Only One Lot of 18 Available. This is a lovely assortment of Special FOrces related shoulder sleeve insignias. The 5 Painted Leather patches are more modern replications of original insignia, but it is our belief that the other 13 patches are original manufacture.

The condition of all the items range from good to excellent with signs evident of use and wear. Please consult the photos for the finer details.

Comes more than ready for identification, research and display!

U.S. Army Special Forces personnel served in Vietnam between 1957 and 1973. Initially restricted to training their South Vietnamese counterparts, Luc Luong Dac Biet (LLDB), in late 1961 Special Forces were also tasked with developing the Civilian Irregular Defense Group among the Montagnard tribesmen in the central highlands. Though it began as a village defense system, from 1964 the CIDG program's focus shifted towards border surveillance. Camps were built along the Laos and Cambodian borders, from which SF and CIDG strike teams launched missions to detect and interdict enemy infiltration routes.

Following the introduction of conventional American combat units in 1965 the need for accurate intelligence on Viet Cong / North Vietnamese Army movements increased. Consequently Special Forces and specially trained CIDG troops began undertaking unconventional operations, including long range reconnaissance patrols and mobile guerilla actions in enemy controlled areas. U.S. Army Special Forces also provided most of the personnel for the highly classified cross-border reconnaissance teams operated by SOG.

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