Original Nepalese P-1878 Francotte Martini .577/.450 Rifle

Item Description

Original item: One of a Kind. This is one of the very last Nepalese made Francotte Martini Rifles made, and a fabulous example, being one of the best we ever received. Introduced in the late 1870's in Belgium, it was copied by the Nepalese up until they started receiving supplied of Short Lever Martinis which started in 1894. It was made at the same time as the all Nepalese Gahendra Rifle, supposedly an improvement which not use the coil springs that the Nepalese had great difficulties manufacturing.

This particular Francotte was sold almost as soon as the delivery was made in 2003 from Nepal to a fastidious collector whose Estate has sold IMA back his entire Collection. It rates as one of the very best Francotte's we ever had. Ready to display!

History of the Francotte rifle:

In 1878 the Francotte patent Martini System was granted utilizing a detachable mechanism fitted without the Cocking Indicator. Revolutionary at the time by compartmentalizing the mechanism for quick disassembly, it only lasted 10 years as the latest technology. It was replaced in 1888 by the .303 cal Lee Metford bolt action Rifle's introduction into the British Military System. Although the British never embraced this European improvement, these "Improved System Rifles" saw much service on frontiers all over the World.


Years of Manufacture: 1890s
Caliber: .577/450 Martini–Henry
Cartridge Type: Centerfire Cartridge
Barrel Length: 33 Inches

Overall Length: 49 3/4 Inches
Action type: Lever Action Falling Block
Feed System: Single Shot

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