Original Nepalese Manufactured P-1864 Snider Howdah Pistol - NAKKU Arsenal

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is an original item, in that the parts are all 19th century military origin. This came from our purchase from the old Palace in Kathmandu Nepal in 2003.

Starting life as a Snider Rifle this was converted in the NAKKU Arsenal workshops to a HOWDAH Pistol. These heavy .577 caliber pistols were carried in the "Howdah" which was the basket in which the tiger hunters sat on the back of an elephant. These heavy single shot pistols were in case of emergency when an irritated tiger decided to scale the sides of the Elephant to get to the human antagonists. A clumsy double barreled hunting rifle was much too wieldy for use under those circumstances so Howdah pistols were introduced in order to provide a quick last ditch defense from the jaws of an oncoming tiger.

This example has been completely restored and refinished. The Nepalese sight markings are still evident and this really a novelty weapon. From looking at it, the single shot had better have killed the tiger because the recoil may very well have broken the hunters wrist leaving him no hope of a second shot.

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