Original Nepalese Gurkha P-1888 .303 Lee Metford Magazine Rifle - Serial Number 10

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Included in the government of Nepal antique weapons purchase of 2003 were a couple of thousand Enfield bolt-action rifles mostly of the WW1 style SMLE type. Within those were a very few original British made P-1888 Lee Metford Mk1* rifles and, much to everyone's surprise, there were also a few Nepalese manufactured Lee Metford rifles.

By tradition the King's personal guard was required to be armed with firearms manufactured within the Kingdom of Nepal so as a result the Royal Armory at Nakku was tasked with creating short runs of "modern" rifles. These included, Flintlocks, Brunswick Rifles, P-1853 Rifled muskets, Snider rifles, M-1878 Nepalese Martini Francottes, Gahendra rifles and Lee Metford magazine rifles. They actually went on to make the WW1 and WW2 SMLE rifles in small runs as well.

Here we offer Gurkha production Lee Metford Rifle serial number 10 (it looks like 90). We understand that fewer than 20 Lee Metfords were produced at Nakku for the Royal Guard. Although these rifles were made at Nakku it must be remembered that the British enjoyed a very close relationship with Nepal and British Gun Makers from Birmingham were constantly being supplied on British Military Aid Contracts to oversee small arms manufacture at Nakku.

Almost completed devoid of markings this rifle bears all matching serial number 10 (in Negari which appears like 90) and a rear sight that is graduated in Negari numbers. The overall condition is excellent, hand guard has as a chip missing, the bore is 9+ and all parts are sound and functional.

Offered in virtually unissued condition complete with the original magazine and cleaning rod, this has to be one of the most rare Lee Metford rifles in existence today. Manufactured prior 1899 and therefore it is officially categorized as an antique.

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