Original Naval Gunner's Water Keg Marked to Spanish Ship SAN JOSEF 1797

Item Description

Original Item: One of a Kind. This is the sort of thing that makes any young man thrill to think of the SPANISH MAIN. Well it's a bit late for the early Caribbean Pirates but it is an item of serious Military Naval significance. Every Gunner (Cannoneer) needed water to cleanse his cannon and extinguish any remaining embers from the previous discharge before fresh powder could be loaded. The wonderful early Water Keg with large forged iron suspension handle is made of substantial wood, Oak very possibly, and measures 11" tall and 10" wide plus the the carry handle and mount.

On one barrel end there is aged brass plaque stating:-

R.S. Pridie, Devonport, 1849


We know nothing of "R.S. Pridie, Devonport 1849," however the Spanish Man-of-War "SAN JOSEF" is another matter. Internet research tells us that the "SAN JOSE" ( the Spanish name) was launched in 1783 and carried 114 guns making it what is referred to as a First Rate Ship. It was captured by the British Royal Navy on February 14th 1797 at the Battle of CAPE ST. VINCENT, where Captain Horatio Nelson was the commander of the British ship H.M.S. CAPTAIN.

After capture the "SAN JOSE" was recommissioned in the BRITISH NAVY as H.M.S. SAN JOSEF. Interestingly she was berthed at Devonport as a Guard Ship where the Gunnery School was established. She served for many years ultimately being broken up in May 1849, during which this water keg was almost certainly acquired.

Romance starts here! Ready to display.


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