Original Native American 19th Century Plains Indian Beaded Pistol Holster, Sheffield Bowie with Beaded Sheath, Tobacco Pouch and Possibles Bag with Contents

Item Description

Original Items: One of a Kind Set. A remarkable selection of Native American Plains Indian Handicrafts which we recently obtained from an older collection in the former “Wild West”! This collection of Plains Indian artifacts date from roughly the Mid-19th Century up through the early portion of the 20th Century. All items are made with correct materials, with the correct construction methods as used by native craftsman during that period of time.
The lot consists of the following items:

- Circa 1840s-1850s Sheffield Style Bowie Knife in Plains Indian Beaded Sheath: Double edged bowie blade has been profusely sharpened over the years, and shows signs of heavy period use (as common with items like this used by Native Americans).  Grips panels are Stag, which has been embellished with a silver escutcheon. Hilt is German Silver. Markings have been obliterated from heavy use. Overall Length is  10 ¾” with a blade length of approximately 6”. Sheath is profusely embellished with Plains Indian geometric pattern beadwork on both front and back. Beads are correct glass trade beads from the period which have been sewn tightly (in the correct manner… not “lazy stitched”!) with thread onto a piece of lightweight leather which then covered the thick rawhide which gives the sheath rigidity. Sheath dates to roughly 1870-1890.

- Plains Indian Beaded Pistol Holster, Circa 1890-1910. Holster can accommodate a Colt Model 1873 “Peacemaker” with a 4 ½” Barrel. Like the Knife Sheath, this holster is made by applyig the beads to a lightweight piece of leather which is then sewn around a piece of thick rawhide. All visible stitches are handsewn. Beads are typical glass 19th Century trade beads. Holster shows only very minor loss of a few beads here and there.

- Fringed Leather Possibles Bag with contents: Traditional Braintanned Elk leather carry all bag, completely hand sewn with natural sinew. This bag could date from anytime from the mid-19th Century-1900… but it most certainly is very old! Included with the bag is a Native Sage Smudge Stick, as used to cleanse dwellings from bad spirits, sweat lodge rituals, and religious ceremonies. In addition to the Smug Stick, a large Bone sewing Awl (needle) was located in the bag as well.

- Tobacco Pouch, circa 1890-1920. The only indication that this bag is of later manufacture is the fact the internal seam is sewn by machine, which of course were not uncommon in the west, nor on reservations. The bag is of brantanned buckskin, embellished with crimped brass finials on the fringe and 19th century glass trade beads along the bottom and edges of the bag. Inside the bag is very old tobacco which has long dried out.

This is a wonderful opportunity to obtain a grouping of Plains Indian artifacts just recently uncovered in old Sioux Territory!
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