Original Napoleonic Era Scandinavian Doglock Musket - Circa 1800

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a most interesting Scandinavian musket using the Doglock system essentially as a safety.

Dating from the Napoleonic wars when Denmark and basically the rest of Scandinavia chose to fight against Britain on the side of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Twice England sent fleets to Copenhagen, in 1791 and again in 1807, decimating the Danish fleet and its allies. The 1801 engagement was when Admiral Lord Nelson, then only second in command, chose to ignore his Commander-in-Chief's "Flag Order" to withdraw by putting his telescope to his blind eye (shot away) saying "I see no signal".

He then exercised a brilliant attack totally routing the enemy. This very rare Doglock musket dates right from this period.

This Musket has brass mounts and almost a 42" barrel. The hardwood stock is made of what maybe walnut although beech was a favored Scandinavian wood. The Flintlock mechanism has no re-enforcment from the pan to secure the outer side of the frizzen and the cock is fitted with a Dog Catch which acted as a safety. There are the remains of Scandinavian Regimental markings on the Butt Plate together with a serial number. Musket comes complete with its original all steel ramrod and it is excellent condition overall. Scandinavian Flintlock muskets are always very hard to find let alone those with a British Connection.

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