Original Napoleonic Ear Austrian Flintlock Short Pioneer Musket with Sword Socket Bayonet

Item Description

Original Item. One Only. This 29" Barreled Pioneer's Short Musket was manufactured in Belgium under contract to the Austrian Army that fought Napoleon Bonaparte for the first 15 years, on and off, of the 19th Century, aka the Napoleonic Wars.

All iron mounts, the fore wood stops 7 1/2 inches behind the barrel muzzle and the foresight is similarly set well back to allow the use of the very large sword socket bayonet. The Bayonet itself is 28" overall and has a substantial 23" Sword blade making the overall length of this Short Musket and Bayonet equal to the standard Flintlock Infantry Musket with Socket spike bayonet at the time.

This is an extremely scarce Musket to find still with Sword/Socket bayonet that went on to be used with the Austrian M-1842 Augustin Percussion Musket.

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