Original Napoleonic British Army Officer Nile Sword with Camel Pommel- Battle of the Nile 1798

Item Description

Original Item: One-of-a-kind. Recently obtained from private old English collection, this is truly spectacular.

This Sword was constructed as a tribute to Nelson's great 1798 Victory at Aboukir Bay, known as the "Battle of the Nile". This decisive defeat halted Napoleon Bonaparte's ambitions into Egypt and his hope of an expedition to British India.

British Naval Officer's embraced the victory and subsequently swords and well known very collectible Naval dirks were produced using the head or body of a Nile Crocodile in place of a British Lion on the hilt or pommel.

This is an extremely rare Army Officer's "Nile Sword" that in place of a British Lion has an Egyptian Camel Head on the Pommel. Rumored to exist, we had begun to doubt that any really did survive, if they ever existed at all, but here is the proof after almost 50 years of searching.

This sword has a checkered ivory grip, ornate gilt stirrup style guard and a camel's head pommel. The deeply curved blade is 30" in length with the sword being 35" in overall. The blade is profusely engraved in both sides to within 2" of the point featuring masses of foliage and stands of arms including the Royal Georgian Cypher.

The longettes protruding from the stirrup cross guard down each side of the blade for some two inches are heavily embossed with what looks like Roman quivers of arrows and other Roman symbols in heavily gilt. Beneath the longettes may very well be a British Maker's name and address. However, for fear of damaging the grip we have not removed the hilt in order to access this part of the blade.

The scabbard is hard black leather of rigid construction and lined with wood. The three scabbard mounts are heavy gilt and appear to feature Cherubs blowing trumpets, all set in ornate military themed settings.

We have never encountered a sword of like this before and clearly this it was intended to pay tribute to the Great British Naval Victory at the Battle of the Nile.


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