Original Named British Protective Officer's Sword Stick for Customs Inspections - dated 1837

Item Description

Original item: One of a Kind. This is not what it first appears to be: it is in fact a natural wood Sword Cane Stick, looking as if it had just been cut from a tree the bark removed and polished. However this was NOT a weapon for fighting criminals or self-protection. These are in fact extremely RARE!

The sword cane is named and dated on the brass ferrule where the grip and scabbard meet:

Protective Officer Edmond Browne, 1837

The blade itself is better described as a 29 1/2" tapered spike, with a cross section of a square clearly stamped by the Government Contractor MOLE / BIRMN. Overall length of the cane is 36", and 37" when in the scabbard.

This rare example was intended to examine shipments of merchandise entering and leaving England, into which this "long spike" could be plunged to see/feel if there was any contraband was hidden inside sacks, bales or general goods. A bit like looking for escaped Airmen hidden on a French Hay Cart during WWII.

A fascinating part of Custom's history, however who's to say these were NEVER used to round up the Smugglers? More or less from the time of Poldark or Dickensian Novels.

TRULY RARE! Ready to display!

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