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Original Mid 18th Century Dutch Naval Flintlock Pistol by Johann Erttel the Elder - Circa 1740

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Original Item: One-of-a-kind. Dutch Naval Flintlock pistols are very rare but this model used for almost the entire 18th century has always been very easy to identify. Made by JOHANN GEORG ERTTEL the Elder who was born in 1700 in Dresden and worked in Amsterdam until his death in 1764.

The business was continued then by his son, born 1728 also JOHANN GEORG ERTTEL who eventually died in 1794. Naval Pistols made by the ERTTEL family featured a large all wood butt capable of being used as a club once discharged. This particular example has an 11" barrel with a .75" bore and is 18" overall. The later ERTTEL Naval Pistols of JOHANN GEORG the Younger of the 1770s featured 13" barrels with a .65" bore although the style was exactly the same.

See "BOARDERS AWAY" by Gilkerson Pages 236/237 a most compelling work for more information.

An exceptionally uncommon pistol to encounter is this fine Dutch Naval Flintlock Pistol circa 1740-1750 ready to add in any Naval collection.

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