Original Maxim Imperial Russian M-1905/10 Smooth Jacket Machine Gun Part Set

Item Description

Original Item: The very last we have! Well, we never imagined this day would arrive. In 1996 IMA won a bid in Finland for 1,250 Captured Russian 7.62mm Maxim Guns. These had been captured by the Finns in the Winter War of 1939/40 and consisted of mostly the Model 1910 fluted jacketed Maxims without filler cap on the WW1 era and thereafter.

Included, however were fewer than 50 "Smooth" jacketed Maxim Guns assumed to be the all Brass Model of 1905 however only three turned out to be with all brass jackets the balance being the formerly unknown Model 1905/10 transitional model of Smooth Steel Jacket often with Brass Face Plate and other brass elements, most often the bottom plates, HOWEVER, we only have steel bottom plates at this time. Because Maxims were always issued painted the "Steel Jacket Body" version had gone unnoticed until this purchase directly after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Now we really are at the end of the road. We have built Maxims into Inert Display Machine Guns some of which still remain but these are the very last of the parts sets.

Included are all the component parts except the federally regulated right-hand receiver side plate. We do include a live barrel, bolt and a legal left-hand side plate along with other component parts- everything shown in the product photos. Sokolov wheeled mount and shield are available separately.

Did you see this gun on our TV show Family Guns on the National Geographic Channel? Understand that an individual must have a special license issued by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to rebuild a machine gun into fully automatic condition. This part set CANNOT be rebuilt without having that license and manufacturing multiple integral parts.

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