Original Massive 18th Century Bronze 12lb Napoleon Cannon on Fortress Mount

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Original Item: Only One Available. Acquired during our 2003 Royal Nepalese Army deal from the old Palace of Lagan Silikhana in Kathmandu here is a Classic European last quarter of the 18th Century Massive Bronze Muzzle Loading Cannon.

Measuring 52" overall length, 17" across the Trunnions, 9" Barrel width at the Trunnions, and 12" across at the widest point at the rear for the Cannon, this is a monster weighing in at over 1,000 lbs for the tube alone.

With almost a 5" bore this translates to a 12 Pounder, commonly known as a "Napoleon" and the principal

size for field warfare from the 1760s right up to the U.S. Civil War of the 1860s.

Based on the composition of the bronze and quality of the cast we know this to certainly be of European origin, however, all markings were long been removed. A common practice for "captured" Cannons that were "recycled to the third world markets of Asia and beyond at the close of the Napoleonic Wars in Europe in 1815.

This particular example may very well have been captured at the Battle of Copenhagen in 1801 when Nelson's Fleet captured huge quantities of Danish Weapons and Stores which were subsequently auctioned off as War Booty in London, the British East India Company being the principal buyer. Origin markings were removed so prospective buyers could not reorder from source ensuring the "middlemen" including the East India Company, any reorders.

This fabulous Cannon, a true classic of design now has been fitted to a new made Fortress type mount without wheels and has recently been fired and all this is included in the upcoming National Geographic TV Channel Documentary Series about I.M.A. airing in a 10 one hour series in starting in September 2012.

Here is your chance to add a substantial "TV Celebrity Cannon" to your collector's portfolio.

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Watch it fire here-

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