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Original Massive 18th Century British Bronze Barreled Flintlock Blunderbuss - Marked Liverpool

Item Description

Original Item: One-of-a-kind. Well, this takes the cake! This is easily the largest original 18th century bronze barreled flintlock blunderbuss we have ever seen. Massive bronze barrel measuring 23" in length (plus tang), with approximately a 1.2" bore diameter and a 2.5" muzzle.

The Flintlock mechanism is over sized being 8.5" long whereas a standard Brown Bess lock plate is only 7" in length. The mounts, two ramrod pipes, butt plate, trigger guard and side plate are all brass and complete with wooden ram rod. The lock functions correctly, holding at half cock and firing at full.

The lock is of early continental form with no re-enforcement on the pan and the cock is the curved leaf type rear spur. The Barrel bears British proof marks and the heavy bronze barrel is engraved LIVERPOOL in heavy block letters.

This weapon shows no attachment or mounting points, such as a rail gun would have, so one can only assume is was intended to be fired as a shoulder weapon which is nearly impossible as it weighs 33 pounds! Almost certainly intended to be supported on a ship's rail this would have been a formidable bit of personal artillery.

The full length walnut stock shows signs of long ago wood worm skillfully sealed and restored,

but this is not a candidate for shooting. Possibly military but more likely intended for use on a trading or East India Company vessel. Possibly dating as early as 1750 this is the most impressive and extremely heavy blunderbuss we have ever offered, totally unique and almost certainly never to be seen again.


Year of Manufacture: 18th Century
Caliber: Blunderbuss
Cartridge Type: Shot and Powder
Barrel Length: 23 Inches
Overall Length: 40 Inches
Action type: Side Action Flintlock
Feed System: Muzzle Loading

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