Original Magnificent Burmese Dha Sword with Heavily Inlaid Blade and Hilt in Wooden Scabbard - circa 1800

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. For several centuries the DHA sword was the traditional guardless sword of Burma, which we now know as Myanmar, a country that has effectively been closed to the outside world since the 1960's. Taken over in the reign of Queen Victoria, Burma stayed inside the British Empire until Independence in 1948. During WW2 the British fought a Guerilla War in the country against the Japanese. The legendary fictional movie "THE BRIDGE OVER THE RIVER KWAI " was set in WWII Burma, and gave a good impression of what jungle warfare was really like.

The DHA sword we offer here is a truly magnificent example, just over 38 inches in length, and must have belonged to someone of great importance in Burma. The 29 inch long blade features inlays on both sides, as well as the spine. There are foliate designs, as well as all manner of animal, from monkeys to birds to deer. There are even geometric inlays on the false edge! These look to be made from silver and brass, with the typical dark background of niello inlays. The blade is in excellent condition and still quite sharp, so handle with care. There are just a few small dents, and as is common, the edge is not sharpened closer to the hilt.

The handle is fully silver clad, with a very ornate pommel. There is a niello and silver inlaid scene wrapping around the entire grip area, showing people and birds. There is a nice lightly oxidized patina on the grip, and it looks great. As is correct for the style, t here is no Cross Guard. The weapon is housed in its stained wooden scabbard, which was originally cord bound in many areas, but has since lost many of these.

We very much suspect that this was brought home after WWII by a Returning British soldier, but unfortunately we have no way of knowing the history. Regardless of how it ended up in the United States, it really is a great example!

Blade length: 29”
Blade Style: Single Edged Curved
Overall length: 38 1/4”
Scabbard length: 29 1/2”

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