Original London Colt Model 1851 Navy Revolver Manufactured in 1853 - Serial No 24395

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a rare very nice .36 caliber London Colt variation of the Colt 1851 model Navy Revolver in good overall condition. Sidearm has British proofmarks and steel grip straps but it has been heavily cleaned. These Colt revolvers were produced at Hartford, Connecticut facility and made for public sale overseas at their London office.

Rare and seldom encountered, the London Colt revolver was made in very limited production. Quantities total some 42,000 London pieces of all variations. Serial numbers are recorded in the following ranges: 17,000, 24,000 34,000, 37,000, and 39,000. Samuel Colt designated the term "Navy" to imply the caliber (.36) of the weapon, as he did with its later and heavier companion, the Colt Model 1860 Army (.44 caliber).

Manufactured sometime in 1853, this London Model 1851 Navy revolver bears serial number #24395. A six-shot, .36 caliber, cap and ball percussion revolver, this specimen features an un-rebated cylinder mated to a 7½ long barrel. Sidearm has all matching serial numbers (24395) on the cylinder, loading lever, frame, triggerguard and butt strap. All parts are original, no reproduction anything.

Octagonal barrel edges retain good sharpness. Cylinder featured the engraved naval engagement scene of the Republic of Texas Navy and the Mexican Navy but no traces have been left after cleaning. Mechanics good. Cylinder exhibits a dark gray surface. Traces of original colors remain on the three-screw frame.

Also shows a clear COLTS PATENT stamping on the left side. Frame screws are original and are crisp. Barrel address marking ADDRESS COL COLT LONDON is totally clear and visible. Smooth, unvarnished grips are of one-piece walnut and are in good overall condition with shrinkage to the wood. A seldom seen London Colt Navy.

History of the 1851 Navy Colt Pistol:

The Colt Revolving Belt Pistol of Naval Caliber (i.e., .36 cal), later known as the Colt 1851 Navy or Navy Revolver, is a cap and ball revolver that was designed by Samuel Colt between 1847 and 1850. Colt first called this Revolver Ranger model; but the designation Navy quickly took over. It remained in production until 1873, when revolvers using fixed metallic cartridges came into widespread use. Total production numbers were exceeded only by the Colt Pocket models in concurrent development, and numbered some 250,000 domestic units and about 22,000 produced in the Colt London Armory.

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