Original Late Cold War 1980s Soviet Air Forces MiG Jet Pilot ZSh-7A Helmet with KM-35 Mask

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. The Soviet Russian ZSh-7A (Russian: ЗШ-7A) flight helmet was developed in the 1980s to be used with the most recent MiG fighter jets. The design was in use throughout the collapse, and is still used by the current Russian Air Force and other air forces using Russian/Soviet equipment.

This example is equipped with a tinted visor, and the correct KM-35 oxygen mask with microphone, as well as the standard avionics. The helmet still has an intact label on the inside under the right earpiece:

ИЗДЕЛИЕ N0991189

Direct translation of this is "ZSH-7A SIZE N 2 PRODUCT N0991189), giving the size and serial number of the helmet. There is also an inspection label on the inside crown of the helmet, under the crown pad, which may have an 11-88 inspection date. This helmet was in use right around the soviet collapse area, and may have seen service after that. A lot of material was able to be exported from former USSR countries, which is probably where this helmet came from.

The oxygen mask is correctly marked KM 35 РАЗМЕР 4 (Size 4) on the rubber gasket, and the bottom may have a 1990 date, though we are not quite sure. Both the helmet and mask are in very good lightly used condition, perfect for any late Cold War or Soviet Collapse era collection.

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