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Original Late 18th Century Dutch East Indies Kris Dagger

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. A very characteristic Kris dagger from the island of FLORES in the east indies this is a remarkable weapon. Featuring a 13" damascus style steel blade highly decorated and with an ornate carved Indian ivory carved grip. Complete with embossed silver covered wood scabbard of top quality. A vicious weapon of truly great beauty.

Colonized by the Dutch, the East Indies is made up of hundreds of Islands which today we know as Malaysia, Indonesia and Bali. Each island such as Java, Sumatra and Flores made slightly different style kris designs so today there is a large variety for the collectors to choose from.

This particular kris came from the island of FLORES and dates to the very late 18th century. The amazing blades, many with a wave pattern were sometimes created from meteor iron or forged much like Japanese swords.

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