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Original Japanese WWII Type 93 Non-Commissioned Officer's 4x10 Binoculars in Tropical Case

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Original Item: Only One Available. These are a very nice pair of Japanese WWII Non-Commissioned Officer's (NCO) Type 93 binocular field glasses. Known in Japanese as the 93式双眼鏡 (93-Shiki sōgankyō), these were intended as a smaller more portable version of binocular field glasses that could be used by NCO's in the field. Lightweight and small, they were well designed for their task.

Field glasses have no internal prisms that can be knocked out of alignment so their main advantage is that they are durable, making them a good choice for file combat operations. These binoculars measure 3.5” L x 5” W and marked with magnification factor 4x10°. They also have a small JES ねぢ mark, which means that it was made under "Japanese Engineering Standards".  They also have serial No. 68649 on the center pivot. The binoculars are in good shape, though the right eyepiece looks to have a crack. There is also a reticule in that side, so it may be normal.

The included canvas case is in good shape, and was originally tan canvas, and painted a darker beige color. The carry strap is unfortunately missing, but the rest of the leather components are present, though aged. The top is marked with Japanese writing, including the Japanese numerals  九  三, or 9 3. There is also a faint western number under this on the lid, but it cannot be read.

A great Japanese binocular set from WWII, ready to display!

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