Original Japanese WWII Type 92 Field Phone in Leather Carrier with Japanese Battalion Markings

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. We have had a few of these Type 92 Field Phones previously, but not one quite this interesting! The Type 92 was the standard WWII issue Japanese field telephone, contained in a wooden case. This example however also has a substantial leather carrier with shoulder strap, and the tops of both the phone case and carrier have Imperial Japanese Army markings. A very interesting offering, and a great opportunity for further research!

The telephone is complete with its handset, speaking piece, screwdriver, small spanner (crescent wrench), and the often missing crank handle. The crank handle has suffered some damage to the end grip, but is otherwise in good shape. The Wood and metal case is sound, showing normal age and wear, with a data plate on the front cover. The lid locks in position properly, and the front portion of the body will unlock and pivot forward, revealing the internals for maintenance and battery replacement. There is also the inline fuse module, which is used in some configurations.

The wires all appear to be intact, though the insulation has frayed slightly, and we cannot guarantee that the unit is still functional. There is some deformation to them metal lid, so it does not close easily. The leather carrier is solid, with the expected wear from age and service. The stitching has pulled in some areas, but it still holes the phone securely. There is some additional wire in the burlap pouch on the top of the carrier, which is probably for grounding the unit, using the brass stake on the front of the carrier.

The top of both the carrier and phone have the Cherry Blossom insignia of the IJA, and have various paint stamped markings. There also is a large number 3177 on the lid, which we have been told indicates the Battalion number it was issued to. This was probably added post war, and is a translation of some of the markings on the lower left side, which are the Japanese numerals for 3117: 三 一 七 七, along with the characters for Battalion.

This is really a great display piece with loads of research potential. Ready to add to your collection and display!

Checkout a fantastic video of these phones in use below:


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