Original Japanese WWII Type 3 1/2 kg Inert Cluster Bomb Sub Munition - dated 1938

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Available. This is a genuine Japanese late World War II Type 3 1/2 kg Cluster Bomb sub munition. When the bomb was dropped, it would then burst, releasing these "bomblets", which would spread out, increasing the area of effect. It features original paint with a yellow band on the body, as well as arsenal and date markings. The Sub Munition is inert and can never be used as a weapon or for its original intended purpose, therefore complies with BATF guidlelines governing ordnance.

The bomblet measures 2 1/8 inches wide 5 1/2 inches in overall height, and the top fuze is marked with 8 三 十 昭 (3 10 Showa), which indicates manufacture in August (8) of Showa era Year 13, or 1938. The body is faintly marked with what appears to be  十 (Showa 10), for manufacture in Showa Era year 10, which is 1935. The dates can be written left to right or right to left, depending on who was marking the component. Mixed Western and Japanese numerals are also common.

Fuzes and bombs were kept separate until they were to be loaded, so different dates is standard.

An interesting feature of this bomb is the construction. These were loaded 63 in a single corrugated sheet metal pod, 8 x 42 inches in size. The notches in the nose permitted them to be loaded in a nested fashion, the tail fins of the one in front resting in the notches of the nose behind. This locked the fuze vanes, preventing arming, and made better use of the space available in the cluster container. The cluster had a 3 second delay bursting charge which opened the container and released the bombs nose first. The fuze was armed after three revolutions and was an instantaneous impact type.

A very nice example of the the rare Type 3 1/2 kg Cluster Bomb Munition, ready to display!

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