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Original Japanese WWII Type 2 1/3 kg HEAT Cluster Bomb Sub Munition With Bring Back Documents - Inert

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a genuine Japanese late World War II Type 3 1/2 kg HEAT (High Explosive Anti-Tank) Cluster Bomb sub munition. When the bomb was dropped, it would then burst, releasing these "bomblets", which would spread out, increasing the area of effect. It features original paint with a yellow band on the body, as well as faint arsenal markings. The Sub Munition is inert and can never be used as a weapon or for its original intended purpose, therefore complies with BATF guidelines governing ordnance.

Not Available For Export

This bomb was sent home in 1945 by United States Navy Reservist D. W. Christenson, a Mineman 2nd Class who was apart of Bomb and Mine Disposal Team #3. A scanned and printed copy of the original paperwork is included with the purchase.

This submunition was developed from the Japanese shaped charge rifle grenade, which was itself widely believed to be a near-identical copy of the German Gewehr Panzergranate. This is a typical example of this submunition, which would vary slightly depending on date and manufacturer.

The bomblet measures 1 1/2 inches (40mm) wide 10 inches in overall height, and still retains a semi intact arming cup/vane (1 cup missing) for the wind activated screw safety which activated the base detonating fuze. The fuze area unscrews, so you can still see the original internal "weight", which would be released once the arming cup fully unscrewed, and then would strike the detonator when the bomb hit something.

A very nice example of the the rare Type 2 1/3 kg Cluster Bomb Munition, ready to display!

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