Original Japanese WWII Type 100 20mm Anti-Aircraft Round with Cardboard Tube

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is an excellent inert demilitarized genuine Original Japanese WWII Type 100 20mm HE-T-SD (High Explosive, Self-Destruct, w/ Tracer) Anti-Aircraft Round for the Japanese Type 98 Anti-Aircraft / Anti-Tank Cannon. The maker was the Toyokawa Arsenal and it comes complete with its original cardboard packaging tube. This example is offered in excellent condition.

We partially translated the writing as follows:

Top of tube: Top: "98 Automatic" , "Tracer Self Destruct Anti-Aircraft H.E.".

Side of tube:  Right column: "98 Type, High Angle (Anti-Aircraft), Machine Firing (Automatic) Cannon Ammunition",  2nd from right column: "100 Type, Tracer, Self Destruct, High Explosive AA Projectile, Complete Round".  3rd and 4th columns with date codes and factory information.

The Type 98 20 mm AA machine cannon was the most common light anti-aircraft gun of the Imperial Japanese Army. It entered service in 1938 and was used until the end of World War II. After World War II this gun was used by the Indonesian Army in the Indonesian National Revolution.

Design and use
The Type 98 20 mm AA machine cannon was the most common light anti-aircraft gun of the Japanese military. The Type 98 designation was given to this gun as it was accepted in the year 2598 of the Japanese calendar (1938). It entered service that same year and first saw combat in Nomonhan. It was used until the end of World War II. About 80% of the Imperial Japanese Army light AA guns were Type 98s. The gun could be emplaced in about three minutes by an experienced crew or fired inaccurately from its wheels.

This weapon and its variants were based on the French design of the 13.2 mm Hotchkiss machine gun of the 1930s, which the Japanese forces had bought and further developed at home. The Type 98 was also one of the two armament options for the IJA's Submersible Gun Mount Model 1.

- Type 100 armor piercing tracer. Weight 162 g projectile and 431 g complete round.
- Type 100 high-explosive tracer (with self-destruct). Weight 136 g projectile and 405 g complete round.

Two of the guns mounted together formed a variant known as the Type 4 20 mm twin AA machine cannon. Approximately 500 of these guns were produced.

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