Original Japanese WWII Two Barrel Type 90 Flare Signal Pistol Serial C-05629 with Scrubbed Markings

Item Description

Original Item: Only one Available. Now this is something we do not see every day. Made by the KAYABA SEISAKUSHO (Factory) between 1930 and 1945, only about 10,00 Double Barrel versions of the Type 90 were manufactured with a very poor survival rate. Firstly these were used on Aircraft and on Naval vessels and as History has shown us the Japanese were very determined fighters and did not surrender easily in fact most of the production run of these pistols ended up at the bottom of the Pacific ocean. Coupled with the fact that the returning G.I.'s were less inclined to repatriate a signal pistol when Japanese Officer's Swords and Nambu pistols were available make these all the more difficult to encounter.

Serial number C-5629 is stamped on the top, however few other markings remain. Pistols kept in service post-war were usually scrubbed of their markings to remove any association with the Japanese Empire. The pistol is in nice condition retaining its black finish, one tiny piece of the left plastic grip is broken away at the top near the safety but hardly apparent. The 26.5mm barrels are each 4" in length, and the pistol 8" in overall length and because of its large grip and cocking lever, 7" tall. The pistol cocks and dry fires exactly as it should.

The Double barrel signal Pistol is very scarce and finding one complete with the holster is like finding hen's teeth. This comes out of the woodwork and is ready to display.

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