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Original Japanese WWII Tanto Knife and Ditty Bag - USGI Bring-Back with Certificate dated 15 May 1944

Item Description

Original Items: One of a Kind Set. This is a fantastic USGI "Bring-Back" set, which consists of a Japanese IJA "Ditty Bag", covered with Japanese characters, and a Tanto Japanese Knife in a "resting Scabbard." Included with this set is the "Bring-Back certificate, which authorized the soldier to bring back the items specified.

The soldier named is Pfc. James C. Johnston, who was with the "A" Battery of the 476th Antiaircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons Battalion (AAA AW Bn), which saw service in the Pacific theater of War. It is signed by an Officer of the 41st infantry division.  This is definitely a great chance for further research!

The included Tanto knife is of rather simple construction, one made for field use, and not for display or as an art piece. The knife is 16 1/2 inches overall, with an 11 1/4 inch long blade. It has the typical Hira Zukuri shape used for tanto, and is still quite sharp. We are not able to determine if this is an arsenal made blade, but we suspect so. The wooden Shirasaya is quite nice, and fits the tanto well. It has a lovely matured wood color.

The Ditty bag is the standard type encountered, and measures about 12 by 8 inches, with a drawstring closure on top. We assume that this is the "pamphlet" mentioned in the certificate, as it has quite a bit of writing on the outside, which we have not been able to translate. These were used to carry small personal effects of the soldier.

A great bring back from the Pacific theater of WWII, with some great items and plenty of research potential!

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