Original Japanese WWII Pilot's Flotation Flag and Photo Album - USGI Bring Back

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a Japanese Photo album and Pilot's Flotation flag which were brought back by a USGI after WW2. The pilots flotation flag is made of silk, with kapok sewn in the outside edge to allow it to swell and float in the water. This allowed Japanese planes to identify downed pilots in the ocean for rescue due to the large Hi No Maru (日の丸) "circle of the sun" the flag displays. It measures 39" by 31" and is in excellent condition, with just a few small tears and staining, so it was most likely never used for the intended purpose in the water.

The photo album unfortunately does appear to have suffered some degree of water exposure, which has resulted in moderate damage to some pictures and pages. It is however a quite nice album, having 21 pages showing 42 period photographs. There is also a postcard-sized cartoon of Japanese listening devices, often mistakenly called 'War Tubas."

The cover is fabric covered, and has Japanese writing, which used to be gold paint, but has unfortunately mostly fallen off. There are various pictures of Japanese soldiers, pilots, and other military personnel. These are mixed in with many candid photos of everyday life, as well as more artistic photos.

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