Original Japanese WWII Pilot Bail Out Float Flag with Telescoping Staff - 38" x 31"

Item Description

Original Item: Only one available. This is a rare World War II Japanese pilot’s bail-out survival meatball float flag. The flag is constructed of silk with a stitched and stuffed buoyant border to assist in the flotation of the flag on the water for a Japanese pilot who crashed in the sea.

The flag is in very good condition and is still attached to its original telescoping bamboo pole. It looks to be made of the usual rayon cloth, with the red "sun" dyed in the middle. This pole can be collapsed to a compact size of only 8 inches and extended to a length of 39 1/2 inches, which was important for allowing the pilot to signal other aircraft and ships. These have become increasingly difficult to find and the second one we have had in several years. Flag measures approximately 38” by 31”. This example is in very good condition, with light wear and age toning. There are a few holes, but overall it presents very nicely!

The Japanese call their country's flag hinomaru (日の丸), which translates literally to "sun-round", referencing the red circle on a white field. The design, called the "Meat ball" by U.S. forces, is the standard one used on Good Luck Flags, Flotation flags, and remains the official flag of Japan to this day.

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