Original Japanese WWII Pilot Bail Out Float Flag Signed by U.S. Soldiers

Item Description

Original Item: One-of-a-kind. This is a rare World War II Japanese pilot’s bail-out survival meatball float flag. The flag is constructed of silk with a stitched and stuffed buoyant border to assist in the flotation of the flag on the water for a Japanese pilot who crashed in the sea. The flag is in very good condition and is still attached to its original telescoping bamboo pole. This poles can be collapsed to a compact size of only 7 inches and extended to a length of 33 inches which was important for allowing the pilot to signal other aircraft and ships. These have become increasingly difficult to find and the first one we have had in several years. Flag measures approximately 38” by 30”.

The flag was signed by multiple USGIs, we have transcribed many of them below:
Albert Dubas
Jessup Penna
Andrew Wendeu
Sgt. Henry - Ohio
Carmen J Bruno - Philla,PA
Matthew Sitnik - Woon,RI
William McElroy - Nanville, Ark
Bob Laymen - Chattanooga, Tenn
Clarence Carriage - Henryetta, Okla
Chas A cannova -Bergenfield, NJ
G.I Joe
Ralph Finley
Tony Forte - Haskell, NJ
Arthur Armstrong - East St. Louis, Ill
Dominic J Curitano - Bronx, NY
John Buongermino - 512 Linwood St Brooklyn, NY
John Baloy- Box HS Uniondale, PA
Luke Guerih- New London, Conn
Bill Roohri - Warwick Ave  Sommerdale, NJ
Joe Caruso - Philla, PA
John Kofoed - Philla, PA
Kenneth Carrel - Booton, NJ
DA Vadrla - Pittsfield,Mass

The Japanese call their country's flag hinomaru, which translates literally to "sun-round", referencing the red circle on a white field. When the hinomaru was signed, the Japanese characters were usually written vertically, and radiated outward from the edge of the red circle. This practice is referenced in the second term, yosegaki, meaning "sideways-writing". The phrase hinomaru-yosegaki can be interpreted as "To write sideways around the red sun", describing the appearance of the signed flag. This particular example completely unique is written in old KANJI the writing are mainly Japanese names of this soldier's family and friends with quotes and phrases.
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