Original Japanese WWII Photo Album Grouping with 80 + Photos, (2) Small Flags, Headband, and Much More!

Item Description

Original Item: One-Of-A-Kind Set. Here we have a fantastic bring back grouping from WWII Japan, with INCREDIBLE research potential for anyone who can read pre-1945 Japanese writing. At the heart of this set is a lovely small photo album measuring about 5" x 4" x 2", which contains over 80 period photos! There are a few missing, but the rest are all still firmly attached. There is some English writing on the pages, and on the back of some of the photos, but this looks to be post war, possibly from a previous research attempt. The photos show many different people, and are both personal photos as well as photos of Japanese servicemen.

Also included as part of this set:
- 2X small Japanese Hinomaru National flags, showing some great period wear. The larger one measures 7" x 10 1/2", and the smaller 6 1/2" x 8".

- A "Good Luck" Headband with Mt. Fuji in the background, measuring 36" x 13". There are some characters on the front as well, which we were unfortunately unable to translate.

- Japanese Small Imperial Reservists Association Badge. All men in Japan who had passed the medical to join the service were eligible to join the Imperial Reservists’ Association (IRA), even if they were not actually selected to serve. It features a nickel body and attached golden star. The back of this one has two columns of characters. The right column is the name of the organization in Japanese, teikoku zaigo gunjinkai. The left column says kai-in ki-sho, or “member’s badge”. In the rural areas where most Japanese lived before the war, the IRA assumed, which contained almost all the able-bodied local males, came to take over most local service duties and hence earned enormous support for the military in these areas.

- A PILE of Japanese WWII Documents and other research material. We looked through this, and it seems to be personal notes, awards, some bank notes, and possibly even a will, as written by Japanese servicemen prior to deployment.

This is a fantastic research opportunity for the motivated collector. Ready to display!

Context is everything when preserving old photo albums. The order in which an album was put together meant something to the creator and may give you clues about the photographs if they’re not identified. If at all possible, keep old albums in their original order. It’s okay to remove loose photos, but make a note of where they came from.

The older albums such as these usually withstand the ravages of time. The leather or fabric covers may wear, but the pages stay well intact. The black paper albums of the early 20th century are more fragile, while the glue from magnetic albums can damage photographs. And, as with all old photographs, keep albums in a safe, climate controlled environment

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