Original Japanese WWII Nikko 8 x 6 Rabbit Ear Small Artillery Periscope Binoculars with Case dated 1942

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a genuine WWII set of Japanese "Rabbit Ear" Artillery Periscope binoculars, manufactured by Nikko. They are marked 8 x 6° and NIKKO / No.101270, and come complete with an adjustable original tripod. THe optics are clear, though a bit dirty, and they are fully functional. Both focus diopter adjustments work, as does the angle control.

These are a small desktop sized optic that were used by Imperial Japanese Army Officers for Artillery sight and range purposes. Larger examples were used in the trench to peak over the top without the observer losing their head. Comes complete with a painted canvas carry case that is nicely marked in Kanji on the exterior (great research potential!), and are dated on the inside of the lid: 七 十 昭This marking is written right to left, and would be read: SHOWA (current reigning emperor) Juu-Nana Nen (17th year of reign - 1942). The case is in very good shape, though unfortunately the shoulder strap is missing, and the leather closure strap has broken off.

The optics are approximately 2 feet tall when mounted on tripod, and make a great display piece!

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