Original Japanese WWII Naval Landing Forces Headband with Decorative Navy Flag - USGI Bring Back

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a World War II Japanese Naval Landing Forces headband or Hachimaki (鉢巻, "helmet-scarf"). It is constructed of linen and printed with an anchor and wave motif at its center and characters within a rectangle to one side. It measures approximately 31" in length and 12" in width. 

This Hachimaki was taken from the battlefield during World War Two and brought back the the States as a trophy of war. It has a round faded blue stamp on the back, which originally read:


This marking is seen on a lot of USGI bring back material from the Pacific theater of WWII. The hachimaki is in good condition, though it does have some staining in areas, and some small holes.

With the headband there is also a very nice decorative Japanese Naval flag, or possibly a bandana of some sort. It measures about 28 inches square, and shows a lovely WWI Era Japanese Naval scene. There is a ship in the middle, with early planes flying overhead, and a "Rising Sun" flag in the upper right corner. The material looks to be silk or rayon. There is some damage and fading, but overall it is a very attractive piece.

A very nice bring-back set from WWII, ready to display!

A hachimaki (鉢巻, "helmet-scarf")) is a stylized headband (bandana) in Japanese culture, usually made of red or white cloth, worn as a symbol of perseverance, effort, and/or courage by the wearer. Perhaps the most well known usage of the hachimaki was by the kamikaze pilots toward the end of World War II. Kamikaze pilots would frequently don a hachimaki, usually with the kanji "神風" ("Kamikaze" - Divine Wind), before flying to their deaths.

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