Original Japanese WWII Naval Hand Held Morse Code Signal Lamp

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. If only we could read Japanese! This is a genuine WW2 issue Japanese signal lamp.

A signal lamp (sometimes called an Aldis lamp, named after Arthur Cyril Webb Aldis who invented a widely used design or a Morse lamp) is a visual signaling device for optical communication, typically using Morse code. Modern signal lamps are focused lamps which can produce a pulse of light. In large versions, this pulse is achieved by opening and closing shutters mounted in front of the lamp, either via a manually operated pressure switch or, in later versions, automatically. With hand held lamps, a concave mirror is tilted by a trigger to focus the light into pulses. The lamps were usually equipped with some form of optical sight, and were most commonly used on naval vessels and in airport control towers (using color signals for stop or clearance).

The lamp is well marked with data plate and has an integral 25 x 8.5 scope mounted on top marked TOKYO. Shutters operate, door opens, complete with cord. A fascinating piece of Imperial Japanese Navy!

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