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Original Japanese WWII Late War Rubberized Canvas Jungle Arisaka Ammunition Pouch

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a very nice example of a Japanese Late WWII Ammo pouch for Arisaka Rifles, made from laminated rubberized canvas with leather. As the war progressed and materials like leather became scarce, Japan turned to rubberized canvas to make items such as slings, bayonet frogs, belts, and ammo pouches. The rubberized items were especially more feasible for use in tropical jungle environments, where the heat and humidity would result in the previously issued leather items having a very high attrition rate. These were worn 2 to 3 on a belt, and all types are hard to find.

This pouch shows signs of honest period use, and storage wear that has accumulated from decades of storage and handling. It has all components, including the original leather closure tab. However, as with almost all Japanese rubberized canvas items, the rubber has become nearly rock hard, however the pouch is still able to be opened but do so cautiously. The inside features faint kanji ink stamps on the inside of the lid, as well as the original internal divider.

Japanese WWII Field Equipment is getting quite rare to find on the market currently. This would make a great addition to display with your Arisaka rifle!

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