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Original Japanese WWII Imperial Navy Three Barrel Flare Signal Pistol with Leather Holster

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Original Item: One of a Kind. Now this is something we do not see every day. Made by the KAYABA SEISAKUSHO (Factory) between 1930 and 1945, only 5,100 of these very scarce three barreled flare pistols were made, most all for the Imperial Japanese Navy. Twice as many of the double barreled versions were made. This example is marked on the top of the top barrel with the Kayaba logo and serial number 63, which is followed by the naval Anchor proof. PAT. 93066 is stampted on left side of the frame.

The 26.5mm barrels are each 3" in length, the pistol 7" in overall length and because of its large grip 8" tall. The barrels show remains of paint: White, Red/Yellow, and Green, perhaps indicating which color flare was to be discharged from which barrel. Lots and lots of the original blue/black metal finish remains. The grips are in good condition too, though the left scale near the safety is missing a corner.

The flare pistol comes complete with its extremely rare original substantial brown leather holster, which is missing one of its two belt loops to the rear, and unfortunately also the entire shoulder strap. However the holser itself is in wonderful condition, despite the missing parts. The holster flap is secured by a leather strap that passes through a loop secured to the holster body.

Japenese three barrel flare pistols are themselves rare, but with the holster they are like hen's teeth. Ready to display.
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