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Original Japanese WWII Imperial Japanese Army Type 92 Field Telephones - Set of (2) Units

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Original Items: Only One Set of 2 Available. Japanese communications in general comprise a complex, modern (at the time) system, highly flexible and efficient. Older equipment was considered obsolete by American standards but was ruggedly built. At the time, the newest enemy equipment compared favorably with the current American models. There is some evidence that the system was handicapped by a shortage of trained personnel, but an evident determination existed to make the best use of the existing facilities.

A captured log of the Control Station of the Army Signal Office at SAIPAN gives an example of what Japanese communicators accomplish under the most adverse conditions:

"20 June 1944. Although there was a bombardment close to us, it did not affect our personnel or equipment. By the utmost effort in maintaining the lines, at 9 o'clock...all lines except the second were open and working well. (Comment: This refers to the control lines from the central station to the various transmitters on the island.) At 2220 all lines were severed by bombardment. Immediately set out to restore the lines....

"21 June. Although we worked to keep the lines operational since last night, the lines were cut in as many as ten places due to shells. At 0730 we restored the line; at 0950 all lines were restored; at 1500 they were severed again." (Comment: The document further indicates that on that day 18 dispatches of 606 words were cleared to TOKYO.)

This same emphasis on keeping communication open in spite of all difficulties is reflected in repeated instructions for the dispersal and revetting of transmitters and the camouflaging of radio stations.

However, Japanese communications had their shortcomings, as indicated when the CVE Chuyo was sunk. The failures of ship-borne equipment at the time became the subject of a formal official study, compiled in February 1944 by the Yokosuka Naval Communications School.

From the data plate visible on the back of the one unit, without the rubberized canvas case, these radios are a 九二式電話機 (Type 92 telephone). We did not attempt to remove the other phone unit from the case due to its fragile state. The Type 92 without the case is identical and has the following information located on the small data plate on the front:

第 28638 號

Which translates as:

Type 92 telephone
No. 28638
Manufactured in April 1945
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.

These units have not been function tested and we cannot guarantee that they are fully operational and able to use as communications equipment.

The overall condition of both are good and still solid. The rubberized canvas is unfortunately coming apart at some of the seams and the protective covering on the phone lines are brittle.

These would make for excellent display pieces to have amongst your WWII Imperial Japanese Army displays. Comes ready to be researched and displayed!

Checkout a fantastic video of these phones in use below:


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