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Original Japanese WWII Imperial Japanese Army Civilian Construction Unit Linen Forage Cap

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Original Item: Only One Available. Much like the various other nations who participated during WWII, Japan enlisted the help of civilians to fill the much needed gaps for not only the frontlines on a battlefield, but the “frontlines” for their industrial productions and other fields such as construction and engineering.

This is a fantastic example of a lightweight “tropical” linen forage cap. The cap itself is in wonderful condition but does exhibit signs of use and wear. The front patch remains unidentified, but as there were various civilian units, this could very well be just a unit marking. The chinstrap is broken and missing, but the side buttons are still present and appear to be covered in glue for an attempt at repairing. There is slight separation in the material and snags, but still lovely nonetheless. The interior lining does have a few kanji characters present.

A wonderful example of a seldom encountered forage cap. Comes more than ready for further research and display.

Forage Caps

Forage cap is the designation given to various types of military undress, fatigue or working headwear. These varied widely in form, according to country or period. The coloured peaked cap worn by the modern British Army for parade and other dress occasions is still officially designated as a forage cap.


In the 18th century, forage caps were small cloth caps worn by British cavalrymen when undertaking work duties such as foraging for food for their horses. The term was later applied to undress caps worn by men of all branches and regiments as a substitute for the full dress headdress.

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