Original Japanese WWII Hand Painted Cloth Good Luck Flag - USGI Battlefield Pickup Bring Back (31" x 27")

Item Description

Original Item: One-of-a-kind. Purchased directly from the family of a WWII Veteran of the Pacific Theater. We have had many examples of these flags before, but not one quite like this. It's a USGI Bring Back, but it was not acquired from captured soldiers or bases: it was picked up off the battlefield in the Pacific. The family stated it could be from various different islands, possibly even Iwo Jima. This hand painted cloth flag is marked with multiple phrases with battle quotes such as "Good Luck" and "Bravery", and is signed with the names of many friends and family. The flag measures approximately 31" x 27", and is made of what appears to be standard linen cloth, with the red sun dyed onto the center. 

The flag itself is overall stained and torn due to damage from the batlefield. The white linen has faded to a brownish color, and there are some large tears, though no attempts at repairs have been made. However the writing is still mostly legible, and this would make a fine display piece for a wall or glass table. This is a flag that definitely looks like it went through a war.

Definitely a unique flag, ready to own and display!

The Good Luck Flag, known as hinomaru yosegaki in the Japanese language, was a traditional gift for Japanese servicemen deployed during the military campaigns of the Empire of Japan, though most notably during World War II. The flag given to a soldier was a national flag signed by friends and family, often with short messages wishing the soldier victory, safety, and good luck.

The Japanese call their country's flag hinomaru, which translates literally to "sun-round", referencing the red circle on a white field. When the hinomaru was signed, the Japanese characters were usually written vertically, and radiated outward from the edge of the red circle. This practice is referenced in the second term, yosegaki, meaning "sideways-writing". The phrase hinomaru-yosegaki can be interpreted as "To write sideways around the red sun", describing the appearance of the signed flag. This particular example completely unique is written in old KANJI the writing are mainly Japanese names of this soldier's family and friends with quotes and phrases.

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