Original Japanese WWII Good Luck Silk Flag - 128th Infantry Regiment Captured War Trophy

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Original Item: One-of-a-kind. This is silk flag from WW2 Japan. It has the classic meatball red circle at center with white background and measures approximately 36 x 28. This flag was used by a soldier for prayers and good luck.

The Japanese call their country's flag hinomaru, which translates literally to "sun-round", referencing the red circle on a white field. The Good Luck Flag, known as hinomaru yosegaki in the Japanese language, was a traditional gift for Japanese servicemen deployed during the military campaigns of the Empire of Japan, though most notably during World War II. The flag, given to a soldier, was a national flag signed by friends and family, often with short messages wishing the soldier victory, safety, and good luck.

The flag was captured by U.S. soldiers and brought home as a trophy of war. It is marked:

128th INF
32nd DIV
27th INF
25th DIV


The 128th Infantry Regiment (Les Terribles) is a United States military unit of the Wisconsin National Guard. The 128th has served as part of the American Civil War, Spanish–American War, Mexican Civil War, World War I, World War II and the Iraq War. During WWII the 128th, as part of the 32d Division, was called to federal service on 15 October 1940. After training in Louisiana, the unit was moved by convoy to Port Adelaide, Australia. In 1942 the 128th, as part of the 32d, broke through the Japanese lines at the Battle of Buna ("Bloody Buna"), New Guinea; in 1944 defeated Japanese General Adachi's divisions at Saidor and Aitape, New Guinea; defeated the Japanese Imperial First Marines in Leyte (Imperial First Marines only loss in 200 years); and pierced the Yamashita Line in Luzon. The 128th Regiment and 32d Division were still in combat action when the cease fire order came on 15 August 1945. The 32d Infantry Division had been in combat 654 days – more than any United States division in any war.


The 27th Infantry Regiment, nicknamed the "Wolfhounds", is a unit of the United States Army established in 1901, that served in the Philippine–American War, in the Siberian Intervention after World War I, and as part of the 25th Infantry Division ("Tropic Lightning") during World War II. The regimental march is the Wolfhound March. Stationed in Hawaii, they were some of first to fire back at attacking Japanese war planes during Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor. The film and book by James Jones From Here to Eternity was based on some of the Wolfhound regimental life. After seeing extensive action in the Pacific theater during World War II, especially on the island of Guadalcanal during the Battle of Mount Austen, the Galloping Horse, and the Sea Horse, it fought in the last days of the New Georgia Campaign on the right flank on the advance on Munda, Solomon Islands, later during the Battle of Luzon and the ensuing occupation of Japan, the 27th Infantry Regiment earned the nickname "Gentle Wolfhounds" for their support of the Holy Family Home orphanage.
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